Island Spirit Introduces Their 72 Flybridge Sailing Catamaran

This is a really cool cat.... it has a large flybridge steering area, panoramic views from the salon, 5 or 6 stateroom layout (plus crew) and lots of room for all your toys.

Island Spirit has built over 50 yachts catamarans and has finished a 72' Bill Dixon-designed sailing catamaran. 

The large, bright, airy salon is huge and can easily fit 20 people for a cocktail party. There are 6 staterooms so she'll make a great charter yacht or family cruiser. No heeling while sailing makes this a real pleasure to sail. And it doesn't rock at anchor so you'll sleep like a baby. She'll motor at 11 knots or sail in the teens when the wind cooperates. 

I sailed on a sistership in Thailand and I was amazed at the stability underway. For more information contact me. We have a 2011 available and we can build more for 2012 delivery with custom interiors. At $2.2MM-2.4MM, this is a lot of boat for the money. 

Great Deal On A Power Cat

Check this out. For $169,000  (give me $34,000 down and I'll get you financed with $900/month payments) and you get a 2002 Maryland 37' power catamaran with new 240hp twin Yanmar diesels which will propel you along at up to 26 mph...It's got two staterooms and two's got a galley-up (which doubles as a bar at night which makes for great parties!) and both inside and flybridge steering. All for $169k. If I were still in the boat speculation business I'd buy this in 2 seconds flat. I took one of these to the Florida Keys for a week and had a ball. This is a fabulous couples-cruiser.

No More U.S. Customs Clearing-In (In Person)

This is really cool. I heard about it from some yacht delivery captains. There's a new program called the Small Vessel Reporting System. When you arrive in the US from a foreign port in a boat, you just call an "800" number, give the names/passport numbers of everyone on board and you're cleared in. No need to physically go to Customs and Immigration any more. I've used it a number of times and it takes about 3-4 minutes. What a great time-saver and it's free to register. You have to Pre-Register online and interview with Customs to get pre-approved and it's good for 5 years.

Royal Cape Majestic 530

I inspected this 2009 Majestic 530 sailing catamaran for a client while it was docked in Fort Lauderdale... I was impressed with a number of features; namely:
- 5 stateroom layout and each stateroom had an ensuite head...this is a big 50 footer!
- some heads had a light stone-like composite flooring that was similar to that seen in 150' motoryachts....a nice detail
- the Master Head had a bathtub and the fit and finish were above par
- two safes were installed
- a large freezer was hidden inside the cockpit table...the cockpit was huge and also contained a fridge, icemaker and washer-dryer.... the pass-through window from the galley is a nice can enclose the cockpit in inclement weather so it's like you have another room
- BBQ grill and fish-cleaning station built-in to the "back porch"
- the dinghy davit was hidden inside the boom
- plenty of galley storage sppace even though this is a "galley up" version
- the delivery crew stated that there was no bridgedeck slamming when she was delivered here from St Martin because the hulls are wide and buoyant
This will make a nice yacht for someone...
Check out the video I made of the boat:

Best Deal At Annapolis Boat Show If You Buy A Charter Catamaran

I'm at the Annapolis Boat Show and I found the most extraordinary deal at Dream Yacht Charters... they need 33 boats in their B.V.I. fleet, especially catamarans. So, if you purchase a yacht for charter they will bend over backwards for you and do the following Boat Show Special:
- you get a 45% discount on the regular price
- you will have no expenses for 5.5 years (the charter company covers dockage, insurance, maintenance)
- you get up to 12 weeks Owner Use/year, including reciprocal use on similar yachts at 31 bases worldwide.
- they will take Lagoons, Fountaine Pajot or Catana catamarans, so unlike other charter companies who only have one brand to offer, you choose your boat. You can also place an "Owner Version" catamaran in the fleet instead of "charter version". This is better for you because when you go to resell the yacht, it will sell for 10-30%% more than a charter version. Owner versions hold there value much better than charter versions....
Contact me if you have further interest or questions.

Catamarans At Cannes Yacht Show

Check out this photo I took from the lookout tower of the castle at Cannes, France...It's of the boat show and this only shows about half the show...I sold a new Lagoon 620 catamaran so it was a great show for me .... The weather was beautiful and a great place to see different catamarans all in one place....there were most of the Lagoon models, most of the Fountaine Pajots, a Sunreef 58, a Sunreef 70 Power Catamaran and a Sunreef 114.

Sabre 90 Power Catamaran Sells

This six stateroom, 35 knot power catamaran just sold...Rats! I had a buyer for this but he fiddled around a little too long and now there is nothing else like it available....I think this is a way-cool catamaran and would like to see more built as they give you more interior space, a faster-smoother ride and at anchor they don't normally rock........I believe the selling price was $2,000,000.

Extravaganza of Catamaran Misrepresentation

I just returned from a trip to the Caribbean to inspect some catamarans with a buyer. Once we identified the exact model the buyer preferred (in Fort Lauderdale, the Supermarket of Yachts), I called a dozen brokers in the Caribbean to identify the perfect boat. The Caribbean can be a great place to find “deals” on catamarans because there is a huge imbalance of sellers verses buyers. In the case of the Lagoon 440 model, there are 71 on the worldwide market now and maybe 12 will sell in the next 5 months. And most are in the Caribbean so this is where the deals are usually found. I specifically told each listing agent that we wanted a never-chartered boat that showed little use…with no defects in the floors or woodwork…. The engines/gensets had to be low hours and I specified a number of other parameters. Well, when we arrived down-island we found that every single boat that we had narrowed down (to 4 on the “to see” list) had been misrepresented. I could go on for hours about the glaring misrepresentations and omissions, but suffice it to say that the listing agents either never saw the boats and omitted the problems from ignorance, OR they intentionally covered up problems. We didn’t find out until we arrived that one boat had been a “total insurance loss” and was literally a wreck. But this was never disclosed in advance. When I asked the agent, “Did you know this was a "total" recently bought from an insurance company?” he admitted it….But his listing sheet had no hint about the fact that this was a wreck. I wanted to kill him because he wasted our travel money and our valuable time!

Lesson to be learned: be very careful to thoroughly interrogate the listing agents before spending a lot of time and money travelling to see boats. Many of them are misrepresented! Or get me to preview them for you. A lot of these Listing Agents are not experienced (they just happen to work near the boat) and this is why this happens.

Luckily, we stumbled upon a 5 year-old, better than new catamaran that was owned by a mega-yacht captain who was extremely anal about maintenance. And it was priced $100,000 under the other boats. That's the one we bought.

So, all’s well that ends well!

Recent Catamaran Selling Prices

I like to track actual selling prices of catamarans. Here is a list of all the sailing catamarans sold in July 2011 (40' and larger). If you would like prices for power catamarans or catamarans smaller than 40' just contact me. The first price you see is the price it was listed for and when it was put on the market. The second price is the selling price and date it sold. So you can see how long the boat was on-the-market....I have full specs and photos of all these boats if anyone wants to see them.

YearCodesListed US$Sold US$Location
57'Lagoon 571994S U TD FG 445,000(01/11)330,000(07/11)FL, USA
54'Chris White Hammerhead1996S U SD CP 285,000(05/10)280,000(07/11)CA, USA
52'Catana 52 Owner version2005S U TD FG 1,000,898(07/09)873,459(07/11)France
52'Morelli and Melvin Mor...2007S U TD CP 999,000(03/11)980,000(07/11)CA, USA
51'Custom Manta Fast Crui...1985S U TD CP 189,000(08/10)130,000(07/11)FL, USA
50'Lagoon Lagoon 5002006S U TD FG 642,923(06/10)642,923(07/11)France
49'Alliaura Privilege 4952005S U TD FG 929,303(07/11)859,140(07/11)Spain
48'Catana1996S U TD FG 279,000(07/10)220,000(07/11)St. Maarten/St. Martin
47'Catana 47 Owner Version2001S U TD CP 591,216(06/10)570,288(07/11)Fiji
47'Robertson and Caine 47...2003S U TD FG 299,000(05/09)279,000(07/11)SC, USA
46'Dolphin 4602005S U TD CP 495,000(03/10)459,000(07/11)CT, USA
46'Robertson and Caine Le...2008S U SD FG 615,000(03/11)560,000(07/11)HI, USA
45'Fountaine Pajot Casama...1992S U TD FG 229,000(09/10)180,000(07/11)FL, USA
44'Beneteau Lagoon 4402008S U SD FG 399,500(10/10)372,294(07/11)Croatia
44'Dean 440 Aero2001S U TD FG 315,018(02/10)315,018(07/11)St. Maarten/St. Martin
44'Dean 440 Space2003S U TD FG 408,092(04/09)408,092(07/11)France
44'Lagoon 4402009S U TD FG 544,122(02/11)544,122(07/11)Hong Kong
44'PDQ Antares2004S U TD FG 535,000(05/11)535,000(07/11)USA
43'Nautitech 4351996S U TD FG 256,310(06/10)211,921(07/11)St. Maarten/St. Martin
43'Robertson & Caine - 43...2005S U TD FG 229,000(08/10)229,000(07/11)British Virgin Islands
43'Robertson and Caine Le...2005S U SD FG 277,278(09/10)239,127(07/11)Turkey
42'Fountaine Pajot Venezia1996S U TD FG 199,000(10/09)190,000(08/11)Puerto Rico
42'Lagoon 4202008S U TD FG 459,000(12/10)459,000(07/11)FL, USA
42'Lagoon 4202008S U TD FG 449,000(06/11)410,000(08/11)FL, USA
42'Lagoon 420 DIESEL2008S U TD FG 359,000(04/10)333,000(07/11)British Virgin Islands
42'Manta 42 Sail Catamaran2000S U TD FG 289,900(06/11)265,000(08/11)GA, USA
41'Lagoon 4102006S U TD FG 260,871(09/10)247,719(07/11)Croatia
40'Fountaine Pajot LAVEZZI2006S U TD FG 255,000(09/08)230,000(08/11)MD, USA
40'Fountaine Pajot LAVEZZ...2006C U TD FG 284,948(07/10)283,516(07/11)France
40'Kelsall Sun Cat1991S U TD FG 211,921(01/11)193,307(07/11)French Polynesia
40'Robertson and Caine Le...2006S U SD FG 240,000(03/11)220,000(07/11)British Virgin Islands
40'Robertson and Caine Le...2005S U TD FG 269,000(04/11)258,000(08/11)FL, USA
40'Robertson and Caine Le...2008S U TD FG 359,000(05/11)340,000(08/11)FL, USA

Lagoon 400's Sold Recently

There was a request from Dang for Lagoon 400 selling prices. Since it's such a new model there hasn't been much activity on the resale market yet....only two reported sales....and here are the details:

40'Lagoon 4002010
$399,082(09/10)$371,904(12/10)Guadeloupe (FR)

40'Lagoon 4002010 $449,999(02/10)$400,500(05/10)FL, USA

Sunreef 70 Power Catamaran Is An Awesome New Model

The new Sunreef 70 is an awesome new model. It comes in several different layouts and one Owner Version has a full beam Owner's Suite with panoramic wrap-around windows. Imagine laying in a king-size bed and waking up to fantastic panoramic views. There is a bar area in the salon that becomes the focal point for social activities. The flybridge is another huge piece of real estate that makes a great spot for sunset cocktail parties or great views while underway. It also comes in a WavePiercer version that rides like a magic carpet. No other reputable builder can give you this much for such a low price. Contact me for full details.

Largest Sailing Catamaran In The World Launched

Wow, this is great. The largest sailing catamaran in the world was just launched and is conducting sea trials near the factory where it was built. Pendennis of the U.K. is the builder and the design is by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), the designers of Lagoon catamarans. She is 145' long (44.2 meters) and the buyer is supposed to take delivery at the end of this month. Since all new custom-built yachts have "bugs" to be worked out, this yacht is going through a shake-down period.
Named HEMISPHERE, she only draws 10' she can pull into many bays close to shore. With a beam of 54' she never rocks at anchor and sails flat most of the time. All dinghies and toys are stowed "out of sight" below decks. Her large flying bridge area has lots of seating, a hot tub, the best views and makes a great party platform. The stern area doubles as a watersports activity center and the crew will set you up will all sorts of fun toys. The yacht will be at the Monaco Yacht Show in September and will then start her new career as a charter yacht. Available for Euros 175,000/week she'll spend this winter in the Caribbean and cruise to the South Pacific for the following summer. Contact me for more charter details if you want a truly unique charter vacation.


I find it interesting to track the actual selling prices of catamarans. The following list shows all sailing cats sold in the past two months. The list includes Make, model, model-year, asking price (and date listed), selling price (date when sold) and location. So you can see how long it took to sell.

I sold the Executive 73 to an Australian mining company owner. It was a very cool 6 stateroom yacht with daggerboards. He originally wanted a 100' monohull but I showed him that a 70' cat has more room and is easier to handle than a 100' monohull and he was hooked. He bought it and had it sailed from the BVI to Turkey and he and his family joined the boat in France and they had a ball sailing it the rest of the way.

I have full specs and photos on all the following yachts in case you're interested....I can also print these lists of selling prices back for years so if you'd like to see more of this just eMail me.
Notice that many of these boats are taking 1-2 years to sell. If you see an identical price for "Listed US$" and "Sold US$" then the listing agent is hiding the actual selling price...which usually means it went for more than 20% lower than the Listed price....
If you want to know what a boat sold for and know around when it last sold just let me know and I'll try to find it in this private database....Happy Sailing!

Make/Model Year Codes Listed US$ Sold US$ Location
73' Executive Yachts Execu... 2007 S U TD FG 2,000,000 (09/09) 1,700,000 (05/11) British Virgin Islands
62' Lagoon 620 2010 S U SD FG 2,053,490 (08/10) 2,053,490 (06/11) France
61' CIM Ocean Voyager Fast 62 2009 C U TD FG 835,558 (04/11) 835,558 (05/11) Egypt
61' Sunreef 62 SAILING 2007 S U TD FG 1,402,038 (11/10) 1,345,390 (06/11) Spain
60' Alcat Catamaran 18m al... 2004 S U TD AL 679,776 (03/09) 637,290 (06/11) France
60' Fountaine Pajot Marqui... 1999 S U TD FG 599,900 (07/08) 575,000 (06/11) FL, USA
58' CIM Ocean Voyager 58 d... 1998 S U TD FG 389,455 (01/10) 389,455 (06/11) France
57' Lagoon 57 1994 S U TD FG 445,000 (01/11) 330,000 (07/11) FL, USA
55' Lagoon 4-Cabins + Crew 1991 S U TD FG 495,000 (02/11) 425,000 (06/11) British Virgin Islands
55' Outremer Outremer 55 L... 2002 S U TD FG 489,000 (05/08) 455,000 (06/11) FL, USA
53' Wharram Custom 53' Cat... 2002 S U SD FG 105,000 (04/11) 75,000 (06/11) GA, USA
50' Catana 50 2007 S U TD CP 950,000 (10/10) 880,000 (06/11) British Virgin Islands
50' Lagoon Lagoon 500 2006 S U TD FG 635,874 (06/10) 635,874 (07/11) France
50' Prout Quasar Espace 50 1988 S U TD FG 169,944 (10/09) 106,215 (06/11) Greece
49' Ocean Catamarans 48.8 2000 S U TD FG 289,000 (09/09) 235,000 (06/11) FL, USA
48' Knysna 480 2010 S U TD FG 665,000 (03/11) 650,000 (06/11) FL, USA
48' Nautitech 47 2006 S U TD FG 651,452 (04/09) 651,452 (05/11) Thailand
47' Catamaran Timeliner 2005 S U TD CP 300,000 (10/10) 245,000 (06/11) FL, USA
47' Catana 471 2002 S U TD FG 665,614 (03/11) 665,614 (05/11) Barbados
47' Jeanneau Lagoon 1993 S U TD CP 275,000 (01/11) 235,000 (06/11) Turkey
47' Lagoon 470 2003 S U TD FG 474,427 (11/10) 417,779 (06/11) Turkey
47' Nautitech 475 1996 S U TD FG 280,000 (09/10) 245,000 (05/11) St. Maarten/St. Martin
47' Robertson & Caine Leop... 2003 S U TD FG 335,000 (12/10) 315,000 (05/11) FL, USA
46' Dolphin 460 2006 S U TD CP 499,000 (01/10) 485,000 (06/11) Virgin Islands (US)
46' Dolphin 460 2006 S U TD FG 475,000 (08/08) 475,000 (06/11) Turkey
46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 2006 S U TD CP 354,050 (06/09) 354,050 (06/11) St. Lucia
46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 1996 S U TD FG 354,050 (03/10) 354,050 (05/11) French Polynesia
46' Jeantot / Privilege PR... 1990 S U TD FG 219,511 (07/10) 212,430 (06/11) St. Maarten/St. Martin
46' Robertson and Caine Le... 2008 S U SD FG 615,000 (03/11) 560,000 (07/11) HI, USA
45' Fountaine Pajot Casama... 1992 S U TD FG 229,000 (09/10) 180,000 (07/11) FL, USA
45' Robertson & Caine Leop... 1999 S U TD FG 250,000 (09/09) 178,000 (06/11) FL, USA
44' Beneteau Lagoon 440 2008 S U SD FG 395,120 (10/10) 368,212 (07/11) Croatia
44' Dean 440 Space 2003 S U TD FG 403,617 (04/09) 403,617 (07/11) France
44' Lagoon 440 Owner's ver... 2008 S U TD FG 499,000 (02/11) 450,000 (05/11) British Virgin Islands
44' Privilege 435 2001 S U TD FG 339,000 (08/10) 318,500 (06/11) St. Maarten/St. Martin
44' St. Francis St Francis 44 2000 S U SD FG 279,000 (02/11) 250,200 (05/11) FL, USA
43' Fountaine Pajot Belize 43 2004 S U TD CP 250,667 (11/09) 226,592 (06/11) Martinique (FR)
43' fountaine-pajot Belize 2003 S U SD CP 325,000 (02/11) 306,000 (06/11) FL, USA
43' Robertson and Caine Le... 2005 S U SD FG 272,766 (09/10) 236,505 (07/11) Turkey
43' Voyage 430 Owner's Ver... 1998 S U TD FG 259,000 (05/10) 237,200 (05/11) FL, USA
42' Lagoon 420 2008 S U TD FG 495,000 (08/10) 425,000 (06/11) FL, USA
42' Lagoon 420 2008 S U TD FG 459,000 (12/10) 459,000 (07/11) FL, USA
42' Lagoon 420 DIESEL 2008 S U TD FG 414,800 (07/10) 422,742 (05/11) Spain
42' Lagoon TPI 1994 S U TD FG 172,000 (07/10) 145,000 (05/11) MD, USA
42' Sea Wings - Skip Johns... 1987 S U SD CP 129,000 (06/11) 120,000 (06/11) Mexico
41' Lagoon Lagoon 410 2005 S U SD FG 255,000 (05/10) 233,673 (05/11) Croatia
41' Lagoon Lagoon 410 1998 S U TD FG 190,000 (06/10) 190,000 (06/11) FL, USA
41' Lagoon 410 S2 410 S2 2003 S U TD FG 332,807 (01/10) 298,590 (06/11) Portugal
41' Roger Hill Custom Cata... 2003 S U TD CP 575,316 (12/10) 575,316 (05/11) Australia
40' Endeavour Manta 40 Sai... 1996 S U TD FG 224,900 (04/11) 212,000 (06/11) Bahamas
40' Fountaine Pajot LAVEZZ... 2006 C U TD FG 281,824 (07/10) 280,408 (07/11) France
40' Kelsall Sun Cat 1991 S U TD FG 209,598 (01/11) 191,187 (07/11) French Polynesia
40' Robertson and Caine Le... 2006 S U SD FG 255,000 (02/11) 240,000 (06/11) British Virgin Islands
40' Robertson and Caine Le... 2006 S U SD FG 240,000 (03/11) 220,000 (07/11) British Virgin Islands