Sold New Lagoon 400 For 373,000 Euros and 9% Guaranteed Income

     I sold a new 2013 Lagoon 400 into a major charter company fleet and I think this buyer made a smart move. Consider this: The yacht will stay in charter for 5.5 years in the BVI and the owner will receive guaranteed income each month and never have any expenses while it's in the program because the charter company covers all that.  This owner has up to 12 weeks owner use/year and he can also use other yachts in 30 bases around the world.  So, he can cruise in the best locations around the world using his owner time. What a great way to see the world! The selling price was 373,000 Euros and the guaranteed annual income (paid out monthly) is 9% of that or 33,570 Euros. So, in 5.5 years he will receive 184,600 Euros.  Charter yachts are better built nowadays, so they stay looking/working like new a lot longer than before. At the end of 5 years this owner will cruise his yacht because he will be retired... I've been in the yacht charter business for 23 years and this is absolutely the smartest way to buy a charter yacht.
If you are looking to buy or sell a charter yacht, let me help you...I've been "down this road" many times before and will make it easy and fun for you.